My Passion

I have been learning how to code both in school as well as being self taught. I have been coding for 3 years now and will continue to learn and grow as a developer.

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I enjoy creating websites from start to finish, whether that involves me drawing up wireframes or making a mock-up in a PSD.

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My favorite part of the development process is taking a blank screen and turning it into a working website. I have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more.

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I've always loved video games, from simulation to MMORPG to first person shooters. Name the game, and I'll most likely challenge you.

Latest Projects

Lalu Photos Site
Amelia Cleaning Site
Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa Site

Shall We Play A Game?

To Play: Left and Right arrow keys control your paddle, the one who reaches 10 first wins. You are playing as the bottom paddle, game starts 3 seconds after you click the green flag.